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Wellness & Spa Novarello

Via Dante Graziosi, 1

Space to love yourself can be rediscovered through the Spa, which means not just Salus Per Aquam as with others, but Space To Love Yourself. The sauna, with its ancient Finnish traditions, is an experience that never changes: a wooden room where heat helps eliminate harmful substances. High temperatures ranging from 80° to 100° allow the body to regenerate. The Turkish Bath, with its ancient tractions, is also offered to purify the body, while also helping to control lymphatic blood circulation. It also allows toxins to dissolve, promoting their expulsion, such that the skin will be softer and brighter. With invigorating and relaxing properties, the Turkish Bath is used to relieve stress and tension, regulating pressure and relieving the respiratory tract. The preferred treatment can be chosen to enjoy maximum relaxation in the preferred spa.

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