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the way of well-being by Silvy holistic studio

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Back and neck decontracting massage is a recommended treatment for those suffering from localized muscle pain in specific areas of the back and neck caused by poor posture or excessive physical exertion. Through stimulation of the affected area, numerous nerve centers are reactivated, improving oxygen supply throughout the body and skin tissues. Decontracting massage relaxes muscles, loosening contractures and tensions, including psychological ones. In addition, neck area massage is an excellent treatment for stiff neck and migraines. Pantalas Massage’s Miracholistic method offers a unique 60-minute experience that combines total body massage with marine wood planks to loosen muscle contractures, work on cellulite and tone the skin. Visceral massage also helps to deflate and improve bowel peristalsis for a reshaped silhouette and smooth, toned and nourished skin.

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