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Grand Hotel Castrocaro

Via Roma, 2

Welcome to the website of the OTA for SPA that offers unique sensory experiences in memorable settings. The Health Spa is a unique place where you can immerse yourself in the six-million-year-old Paleo-Adriatic subterranean sea and enjoy Castrocaro’s thermal waters from the Spungone Rock. Due to their optimal chemical composition and high mineral content, these salso-bromo-iodine and sulfurous waters are among the richest in nature.

In addition, the Health Spa features Spa Suites, true private spas for a unique relaxation experience to be shared as a couple. The Spa Suite Onsen, dedicated to the fusion of Japanese and Finnish culture, and the Spa Suite Hammam, an evocation to the Arab world, offer moments of pure well-being and relaxation. You can choose your favorite suite and be pampered by the expert hands of the spa.

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