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Aesthetics Nadia Harmony Spa and Beauty

Viale Tre Martiri, 65/N

Wellness treatments in Rovigo? Yes, thank you!
For a rejuvenating wellness experience, the spa offers a wide range of treatments with advanced technologies, such as sauna, solarium, massage, pedicure and manicure, facial care, and more.
The goal is to help regain the perfect balance between mind and body, while also resolving minor imperfections that can affect self-esteem.
Speaking of tanning salons, Estetica Nadia center has thought of everything! The high-pressure solarium complies with the strictest European standards and is suitable for all four different skin phenotypes.
By stimulating the development of melanin, the tan will be warmer and longer lasting, but most importantly, natural and skin-friendly.
By filling out the contact form with your details and requests, you will be contacted as soon as possible to book your wellness experience in Rovigo.

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